Speaker, Professor, and Storyteller 



telling stories that engage

Whether that’s educating entrepreneurs and organizations about the changing realities of marketing, working with your team to inspire change, teaching tomorrow’s leaders on college campuses, or giving my time to mentor youth, I simply love telling stories that engage, connect and inspire. 

  • Workshops including “Wake Up Your Marketing”
    Discover how to genuinely connect with customers or donors. Michael will share his insights into the new ways of thinking required for building a brand in today’s marketplace.

  • Talks including “The Power of Personality”
    Michael provides you with lessons into what your brand’s personality can do for your bottom line and tactics for leveraging personality as a high-converting sales tool.

  • Keynotes – Customized for your organization’s needs Michael delivers highly customized coaching and content that will create meaningful, sustainable, and accountable change for your team. 


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