Social Media Advertising and Management
drive engagement that actually pays.  


Likes, comments, shares, followers–it’s a lot to keep up with. With so many platforms demanding your team’s time and attention, it’s hard to know where to concentrate your efforts and which form your content should take on each. Our question to you: Is your existing social media presence even driving value for your business in the first place?


Get Social

How is it that some brands become social media kings, while other never quite break through? In a word: strategy. We’ll help you target your audience with a strategy that—because it’s built on a precise understanding of how your audience thinks, feels, and behaves—substantially builds your bottom line.

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ll do it:

• Discovery interview that delves into your company’s goals, voice, and how to best serve both through social

• Development and/or improvement of Facebook and Instagram brand pages

• Creation of a monthly editorial calendar

• Weekly posting for both platforms 4 days a week (includes share graphics design and copywriting)

• Build and manage connecting Facebook and Instagram ads—we’ll help you set the right ad budget!

Your Investment: Starting at $3800 (plus ad spend)

Take the Guesswork Out of Social Media

Running a business always comes with certain challenges, but with our Get Social program, building relationships, awareness, and your bottom line through your social media presence doesn’t have to be one of them!

 Of course, everything we create is designed for our most important client – You! See something you like but need it customized? Contact me directly at 203.824.4282 and let’s talk