Brand Identity

Is your organization just launching? Struggling to gain traction in an increasingly crowded marketplace? What you stand for needs to be conveyed in mere seconds—but ensuring that message is delivered consistently, at every touch point, is a task so challenging that even multibillion-dollar companies get it wrong sometimes.


Get Known

In our book, good branding is trustworthy, memorable, and scales with you. No matter what phase of growth you are in, we can create a solid and recognizable identity that takes your organization to the next level. You’ll have an easy-to-follow framework of graphics, colors, and narrative that will make your brand stand up and stand out.

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ll do it:

  • Discovery interview that delves into what your organization does, how your marketing is working now (or if you’re a startup, how you envision it will), and where you want it to be in the future

  • Brand personality assessment

  • Logo creation (includes 3 rounds of logo revisions)

  • Three taglines that sum up your brand’s messaging that you can use in current materials and future campaigns

Your investment: Starting at $1800

Anyone can come in and do what you tell them to do. What sets Mike and his team apart is that he guides you through the process. He is a brand fanatic who makes it all come to life.
— Paul Lavoie, General Manager Carey Manufacturing

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Inspire Them in a Glance

Your brand identity is more than just your logo—it’s a strategy for communicating your relevance and trustworthiness. There are agencies that will tell you that can take years of hard work, but with the power of our focus and process, you’ll have the tools you need in no time.

 Of course, everything we create is designed for our most important client – You! See something you like but need it customized? Contact me directly at 203.824.4282 and let’s talk