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Carey Manufacturing

Specializing in an extensive catalog of top-of-the-line catches, latches and handles, Cromwell, Connecticut-based Carey Manufacturing needed to update its brand and better include Amatom Manufacturing Inc. within its core brand identity. It was essential that this articulation of who they were resonated with their expanding based of military, aerospace, computer, electronics, telecom, and automotive customers. 

What We Did & How We Did It

Performing an in-depth assessment of Carey Manufacturing, both as a brand and a team, was priority number one. Interviewing Paul Lavoie and a few key stakeholders allowed us to truly understand the company’s current values and brand story.  “Anyone can come in and do what you tell them to do – that’s easy,” remarked Paul. “But Michael and his team worked to understand the why behind what we do.”

Based on that why, the company’s shared values and sense of purpose, we established a brand framework to solidify the Carey Manufacturing brand at every touch point. The result was a Brand Standards Guide and Brand Strategy that supported their evolving vision. 

Our brand came to life.
— Paul Lavoie, General Manager Carey Manufacturing


Carey Manufacturing’s rebrand allowed the company to stand up to the changing expectations of its global audience. This new identity communicated the values of quality, personal service, and responsiveness by which team members at every level operate. “Our brand is now lasting, memorable, fun. Working through the process with Brand Inspiration made all that come to reality,” Paul shared. 

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